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The Myth of Lesbian Bed Death & SEX LIVES OF GATORS

The Myth of Lesbian Bed Death & SEX LIVES OF GATORS

Everyone knows the old laugh: So what does a lesbian bring to a 2nd date? (A U-Haul, of program.)

Within the popular imagination, lesbians utilize their beds for reading, sipping natural tea, and hanging along with their kitties. This means that, certainly not intercourse. But where did this concept of “lesbian bed death” come from? Thank sociologist Pepper Schwartz, whom, in her own 1983 guide American Couples, asserted that lesbians have less intimacy and sex than many other couples. Although her methodology and outcomes had been later on challenged, the idea of lesbian sleep death has had for a life of the very own, with harmful outcomes.

Regardless of the shibboleth that women’s sex is one thing wild which has become managed, as well as the stereotype of lesbians because the asexual mirror-image of horndog homosexual males, the reality lies somewhere in the middle: Lesbians who’ve been resting together for years find a way to keep their love lives spicy. Continue reading “The Myth of Lesbian Bed Death & SEX LIVES OF GATORS”

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