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4 Effective Trading Indicators Every Trader Should Know

4 Effective Trading Indicators Every Trader Should Know

Forex Indicators

The indicator is freely distributed and hasn’t audio signals or messages. Its main function is the visualization of price movements. This is a multi-timeframe version of the popular Hull Moving Average (HMA). This indicator is considered one of the most effective tools for determining a trend or a flat, as well as a general current trend in the market. The indicator works according to the main classic rules for determining the trend.

There’s no magic secret. Becoming a financial https://maxitrade.trade investor takes time and dedication.

Typical values for long-term averages might be 50-day and 200-day EMAs. 12-day and 26-day EMAs are popular for short-term averages. A trend reversal can be identified by price reversals. Traders use reversal indicators to confirm the mathematical probability of the beginning or end of a reversal. Don’t get your hopes too high, though.

When the current smoothed average is above its own moving average, then the histogram at the bottom of Figure 3 is positive and an uptrend is confirmed. On the flip side, when the current smoothed average is below its moving average, then the histogram at the bottom of Figure 3 is negative and a downtrend is confirmed. It is possible to make money using a countertrend approach to trading.

The economic calendar is clearly the most used tool of all forex traders. The calendar shows the times of announcement of important economic events – which often have a significant effect on the future price movement of each market.


Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a 100% accurate reversal indicator. Otherwise, traders’ lives would be too easy. One technical indicator won’t give you a good trading signal. You need to use 2-4 indicators for trading.

Divergence. If a price rises and a MACD falls, it means that the advance of the price is not confirmed by the indicator and the rally is about to end.

That is how it predicts. To avoid ineffective signals, a trader must carefully pick trading indicators.

  • In order to identify the trend on the first screen, the Triple Screen system used the MACD indicator.
  • The indicator lags behind the price chart, so some signals come late and are not followed by the strong move of the market.
  • In order to give y’all a comparison of the effectiveness of each technical indicator, we’ve decided to backtest each of the indicators on their own for the past 5 years.
  • Whether you use EMAs or SMAs in your trading, moving averages are one of the top Forex indicators for all trading styles, so make sure to incorporate them into your trading strategy.
  • It is a good signal to trade on the slowdown trend and correct a strategy.

Simple Moving Averages Make Trends Stand Out

This indicator was modified so that the ‘center’ or initial relative reference point stays fixed and does not update each bar. It will only reinitialize when the indicator is reloaded or settings are changed. This indicator displays buy or sell signals according to Bill Williams’ definition of the Trading Zone. Trading Volume indicator shows the volume of Buying and Selling Trades on the Current Bar Or on average of specific number of last bars as you want . Both volumes are shown simultaneously with green and red colors for Buying and Selling Trading Volumes respectively.

One of the most popular – and useful – trend confirmation tools is known as the moving average convergence divergence (MACD). This indicator first measures the difference between two exponentially smoothed moving averages. This difference is then smoothed and compared to a moving average of its own.

The notification includes a symbol name, timeframe, line name and the current price at the moment of touching. and more complex algorithms (XC, XF, XS) developed by maxitrade.trade the author, allows determined (1) the beginning of a true trend movement very precisely and, most importantly, with a small delay, and (2) identifying the flat.

In this case, the lines of the indicator can be used as support and resistance levels, where traders can open their positions. Moving Average shows whether to buy or sell a currency pair (buy in an uptrend, sell in a downtrend). MA won’t tell you at what level to open your trade (for that you’ll need other indicators).

This indicator provides customized support and resistance levels, automatic draw line and play music functions. This is a very simple indicator and easy to use for everyone. However, it’s very visual, useful and effective.

A long-term trend-following system using Bollinger bands might use two standard deviations and a 350-day moving average. You would initiate a long position if the previous day’s close was above the top of the channel, and you might take a short if the previous day’s close is lower than the bottom of the band. The exit point would be the point when the previous day’s close crosses back through the moving average. You then exit your trade when the shorter MA crosses the longer MA.

Moving averages are among the best technical indicators for Forex trading. As their name suggests, moving averages show the average price over a pre-specified number of trading sessions and plot it directly on the chart. For example, a 10-day moving average would plot the average price over the last ten trading days, while a 20-period moving average on a 4-hour timeframe would plot the average price of the last twenty 4-hour bars. Given their simplicity, moving averages are probably the best Forex chart indicators for day traders.

Forex Indicators

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