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How can guys feel about intercourse during maternity?

How can guys feel about intercourse during maternity?

Sex-wise, my family and I have not discovered maternity a nagging issue, and also this maternity happens to be no exclusion. Certainly, approaching the seven-month mark, the sex had really been nearing some type of zenith, with regular sexual climaxes both for events with no hint of my desire waning once the expecting lady’s waist-line expanded. I’m not certain that it is unusual, but i discovered all of the fecundity – the belly that is swollen the enormous boobs – instead arousing.

I guess it should has been known by me was too good to final.

Although most of the books state it is completely fine to help keep going I don’t think there’s a man out there who doesn’t feel slightly nervous about the prospect of somehow – how can I put this delicately at it with reckless abandon throughout pregnancy? – bumping their baby’s head during a episode of lovemaking. Continue reading “How can guys feel about intercourse during maternity?”

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